About Us

Tiffany Gaskin

For over 18 years, Ideas Etc has served the Louisville, KY metro area with unique and creative promotional imprinted items. Now owned and operated by Tiffany Gaskin and supported by longtime associate Kim Byrd, Ideas Etc, continues the tradition of excellence and creativity begun by its founder, Jerry Griggs. Jerry lost his 3 year fight with lung cancer in 2009. As soon as Jerry was diagnosed, he was determined to find someone to buy Ideas Etc.  He was worried that his beloved company would become a burden on his grieving family.  It soon became evident that he was as protective of his customers as he was his family.  Jerry had several offers but turned them down because no one could measure up to his high standards. After nearly a year of running the business in the interim, Jerry’s family and Tiffany came to a realization: she should buy Ideas Etc. She purchased the company in April, 2010.

Tiffany and Kim's combined experience with businesses large and small gives them unique insight into the varying needs of their business customers. Tiffany Gaskin is well-known for her ability to accomplish the impossible with style and excellence, and she brings that talent to every project she handles. Kim Byrd has an innate sense of style and an instinct for finding the most effective, memorable and economical solution for your needs. Together, they are ready to bring you exciting imprinted specialties that meet your needs and budget.